New Ownership


Handle your new boat with confidence when Captain Hoxworth assists you with getting familiar with your vessel for the first time. You can trust our judgement and expertise of over 25 years.

Captain Hoxworth offers private lessons for navigation, seamanship, boat handling in power and sail, and the nautical information needed for learning in pursuit of a career as captain or crew.

Whether you just bought a new boat or have an existing vessel you haven’t used for a while, you will find that spending some time with Captain Hoxworth to improve your boating techniques is worthwhile.

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He will give you the training you need to dock your vessel and he will not leave you until you have mastered all of the skills required to safely and confidently operate your vessel.

What we teach:

  • On water navigation training.
  • Learning your vessel’s electronics.
  • Docking and maneuvering.
  • Handling your vessel on ocean waters
  • Handling your vessel on a lake
  • Moderate and rough waters handling
  • Underway at night
  • Anchoring (manual/windlass)
  • Instrument instruction
  • Engine room instruction
  • Lights and charts
  • GPS
  • Radar
  • Chart plotters

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